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Hello from my writing desk!

As many of you know, I was on hiatus after the sudden, tragic passing of my beloved brother Steve. I am now back to writing again, and am happy to report that I am making some good headway on INFLICTED! I returned to my old haunting grounds—Starbucks—where the words seem to flow in keeping with the number of espresso shots I consume. 😉 

II’m planning some new promotions for the existing books, as well as a re-release of THE CONFIDENCE MAN (as soon as I finish the first draft of INFLICTED) in the New Year, so make you sure you have subscribed to my mailing list. I just sent out a short email announcing the Apple Books promo, and will have more to share as 2024 is looking to be a fun year!



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Find out for yourself why over a million readers love lawyer Kate Lange!

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"Kate Lange is a flawed but ballsy character determined to overcome the problems and insecurities of her past..."

"She is one tough cookie."

"Kate is determined to have a future and fighting to get past her past. It's good to see there are still brave souls willing to stand up for themselves and others..."

"Loved, loved, loved Kate."

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In INFLICTED, Kate must confront the bedrock of forensic proof while defending a client who is accused of murder — the same crime her client was convicted of twenty years earlier.

I’m excited to introduce two new characters to the series. The first is Dr. Cass Madden, a Medical Examiner, who is thrust into the role of Chief Medical Examiner when Dr. Guthro disappears after attending a homicide scene. The second new character is Dr. Rose Shea, a forensic anthropologist with a background that rivals Kate’s. I’ve been conducting a tremendous amount of research, including interviewing and touring the Medical Examiner’s Centre, going on K-9 Patrol, and reading numerous books on the various subject matters I’m tackling in INFLICTED.



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