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Thank you for visiting my site! I’m hard at work on the fifth Kate Lange book, which I hope to release in mid-summer (do you hear me, writing gods?).

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I recently was interviewed by host Pam Stack of Authors on the Air. We had a great time chatting about the series, my writing process, and what inspires my books. The interview is now available as a podcast here.

I’ve been thrilled with the response to EXPLOITED, the latest Kate Lange release. Thank you to everyone who has left a review. It really helps my books find new readers!

Book Review Crew had this to say about EXPLOITED:

“Intertwined in the storyline are devious cyber plots to rival anything ripped from today’s political nightmares. Who is behind what plot? Can these disasters be averted? Can any illegal activity ever be for the public good?

Many subplots are unraveled as the reader discovers the multifaceted character of Kate. Callow’s writing encourages the reader to examine all aspects of current cyber and legal issues as she leads us on a twisted path toward justice. I, as the reader, had a few more uncomfortable moments reexamining my beliefs regarding privacy, cybercrime, innocence, public vs government interests, and other current issues. It was made a more painless dissection with the writer’s distraction of a labyrinth of dangers, heading toward salvation or justice. Along the way, she gave just a bit of exposure to true humanity, with Harry, Leah, Randall, and especially, Kate. Although this was read as a standalone, I really want to read the first three volumes. I HIGHLY recommend this book.”

What if the face of justice belongs to… the accused?

When Kate Lange is hired to defend an unconscious woman shot while committing a puzzling crime, she is stunned to discover that the gunman is none other than Parliament’s own golden boy, Harry Owen.

What if the face of the victim belongs to…us all?

As Kate pieces together the case, the lines between guilty and innocent become blurred–while a devious cyber mastermind puts the finishing touches on an explosive plan.

What readers are saying about EXPLOITED:

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