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A limited-time ebook release from the Ladies of the Legal Thriller


Many thanks to the readers who bought and reviewed LEGAL ACTION, a limited-time ebook release from the Ladies of the Legal Thriller! It is no longer for sale, but the Ladies of the Legal Thriller would love to collaborate again in the future!

From six bestselling legal thriller authors comes this set of six full-length, first-in-series novels! The Ladies of the Legal Thriller present Legal Action, a limited-time, ebook release featuring four lawyers, one judge, and a forensic accountant in six deftly plotted, pulse-pounding thrillers.

This bundle includes Damaged by Pamela Callow; Due Justice by Diane Capri; Exit Strategy by Colleen Cross; Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster; Critical Vulnerability by Melissa F. Miller; and Buying Time by Pamela Samuels Young.

Damaged: Lawyer Kate Lange focuses on her career at a high-powered law firm to avoid the ghosts of her past. But when her custody client’s granddaughter is brutally murdered, Kate’s legal advice, reputation, and career are called into question.

Unwilling to live with the damage she may have caused, Kate pursues the case on her own and unearths some chilling facts that lead her straight to the heart of a conspiracy—and into the hands of a serial killer.

Due Justice: When a famous plastic surgeon’s decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay with a bullet in the head, the discovery sets off a chain reaction. Federal judge Willa Carson’s younger sister Carly, a lawyer, comes to Willa in a panic and confides what she knows. Their conversation places Willa in an ethical quandary.

Then Carly vanishes.

Armed only with incomplete, possibly false, facts, Willa sets out to save her sister from a dangerous game of greedy lawyers, blackmail, and deceit.

Exit Strategy: When forensic investigator Katerina Carter digs into the diamond market, she uncovers a secret that puts her in a killer’s crosshairs.

Just as she discovers a connection between blood diamonds and organized crime, two company insiders are murdered. Can she can stay alive long enough to expose the real criminals…or will her first case be her last?

A fast-paced crime thriller sure to get your heart racing!

Hostile Witness: A prominent judge is brutally murdered, a sixteen year-old girl is accused and Josie Bates, once a hotshot attorney now living a quiet life in a small beach town, is Hannah Sheraton’s last hope for a defense. Reluctant to take the case, with no experience in juvenile law, Josie can’t turn her back when the girl is charged as an adult. Together they embark on a journey that peels back the dark layers of politics, the law and family relationships to reach a horrifying truth that will either save Hannah or destroy them both.

Critical Vulnerability: Assistant U.S. Attorney Aroostine Higgins is prosecuting a major bribery trial. The outcome will make or break her career. But everything’s going wrong, from missing filings to a fire in her apartment. It’s as if an unseen enemy can predict her every move.

By the time she realizes her string of bad luck is anything but random, the stakes are far higher than the outcome of a high-profile court case. The life of the only man she’s ever loved hangs in the balance.

Now, it’s personal.

Buying Time: Hard-charging federal prosecutor Angela Evans is the epitome of professional success. Her home life, however, is another story. Angela skillfully hides her personal woes and pours all of her energy into bringing down a company that’s scamming the terminally ill.

Angela’s investigation closes in on Waverly Sloan, a down-on-his luck lawyer who works for the company. After discovering that Waverly’s clients are dying sooner than they should be, both Angela and Waverly unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a perilous web of greed, blackmail and murder.

“Pamela Callow’s debut thriller, Damaged, reminded me of the best of Robin Cook: lightning paced, innovative, topical… and most of all, frightening. Part medical mystery, part bloody thriller, here is a debut that had me flipping pages into the wee hours of the morning.”

James Rollins, #1 New York Times Bestselling author

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